Auberge du Soleil

Beautiful Lunch at Napa. <3

Joseph Phelps Vineyard

the famous Insignia was tasty- 

Best English Muffin Ever. 

Got too excited.. 

@The Model Bakery 

존격적으로 비가 왔다. 

Golden Gate Bridge 

The famous Lombard Hill. 


On our way to pick up the rental car. Cute local barber shop. 

Still sprinkling.

how we ended the day. 

Good night.. 

The Trem’s last stop. Spin it. 

Spontaneous dinner at ‘off the grid’

food trucks.. yumm

잠깐 쉬는 시간.

꼬꼬마들 야구 구경중. 

Golden Gate Bridge Park

Japanese Garden. 

미국애들은 자기네 공원에 왜 자꾸 일본식 정원을 꾸며놓는걸까…..